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THE STORY IS HAZY.  The plot may seem to amble along and then take a few detours, but that's just part of its unpredictable charm. The story, like the man, is one of contradictions.  This is a fictitious biopic about a legendary rock star whose name we never mention, or whose songs we never hear.  It’s a tribute to a man who in 1973 was arguably the most famous person alive, but turned his back on celebrity, marriage and sobriety.  We drift with him through this booze-soaked, stoner fog of debauchery, in a year that he called his "lost weekend”.

It was a turbulent time; one that, in many respects, parallels our own present day, which may account for the fact that each character the rock star encounters is bit kookier than the next, and have wildly different reactions to his fame.


He awakens one morning in a strange woman’s bedroom in a vast mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  To complicate matters, the woman is married, her dog is missing and her butler has dreams of stardom.  As events unravel, hijinks ensue.



Peter Marshall Smith and Jeff Glassberg are filmmakers based in Los Angeles.  They co-founded Lasrever, an independent production company, to produce narrative, documentary and commercial content. In short, they tell stories that move people.


Since 2003, Lasrever has produced multiple award winning narrative short films, including "Here It Comes", which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and on MTV. They also produced ten episodes of The Underground, a half hour variety television show broadcast on channel LA36, LA’s public access channel. In addition, they’ve produced branded content for leading commercial clients, including Sony, Nissan, Lincoln Motor Company, DIRECTV, ACLU, Sports Illustrated and more. 


Their latest production, “Lost Weekend”, is a darkly comedic short film that premiered at the 2019 Beverly Hills Film Festival and was featured on the opening night program at the Arpa International Film Festival.  Click the link below to download the press kit.